I’ve been slowing moving away from the babywearing period of my life.   At this point, I haven’t carried Roan in a carrier, for about the same amount of time that I did.  Moving on, includes my business, Metrosupial Designs.   I’ve grown, sewn and maintained it for nearly five years.

Where does the time go?

When it came to the beginning of the year, when everyone displays their mosaics of finished projects, I felt a little inadequate.  It’s true.  It didn’t take long for me to snap back to MY reality.  To remind myself that much of my creative energy had been focused on my sling business.  Custom crafting a product for an individual takes A LOT of energy.

The impressive mosaics that I saw inspired me.  I wanted to branch out creatively, and for myself.  Producing the same thing over and over, had… well,  just got plain jane vanilla.

Regardless, here’s what I was sewing in 2008 for Metrosupial Designs:

Not so bad, eh?  I don’t know if I’m totally finished making slings or teaching classes, but I’m taking a break.  It was so enjoyable to help all the families I had in my classes.  Find carriers that worked for them, AND be blessed to teach such an enthusiastic bunch.

I will have two irons still in the babywearing fire: I will continue volunteer teaching in the New Moms Groups at Swedish Ballard, and my friend, Sarita, of Sarita Star Designs, and I, will hopefully have a pattern out in the Fall for those wishing to make their own slings.

So, moving forward.

Some of the personal 2008 finished projects.  I have not included the finished quilt tops under my bed.  Most here were gifts.  It was a pretty good year.

I just look at this too and wonder, where does the time go?

Metrosupial Designs did have a little milestone this year though.  I was recently contacted by the author Rena D. Grossman, who has written a babywearing board book entitled, “Carry Me.”

Rena was looking for photos depicting babywearing, and wanted to use my photo that is at the top of this post.  Rena’s publisher, Star Bright Books, look rather impressive in the quality their books’ content.

Kinda exciting?!?  I look forward to my copies.  It’s the small things that can make you feel that you’ve contributed positively, and it’s ok to step away for a bit and just BE.


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