I’ll just warn you that this isn’t a very crafty post.

The folks are gone, and we’ve slowly come back to normal here in the Pedersen household.  It only took me just shy of a week to clean the bathroom and vacuum.  My lame excuse was needing the time to catch up on my quilting bee blocks, of which there is still one for the Ten Make Two Bee ( just this instant I realized I have to do two blocks, not just one, thus the name).


And today I got the news…It looks as though we will be putting down our old girl Fe Dog this week.  She can’t get up anymore by herself, and has a teetering deck of cards when it comes to health in general.

I love her.  We spent 10 years together before I moved to the city and she was a country dog.  She’s been living with my friend and visiting when she can.  This week will be our last visit, as Doug and I take a trip with her to the vet.

I tried not to think about it today on my run and focused instead on all the lovely places we ran together when she was young.

The track by the river in Ypsilanti when I first got her, the dirt road in Mexico where we would run through the dump when we came to the village, because all the dogs had mange, the coconut fields.  The urban trail and miles of trails in Flagstaff, Colorado, New Mexico… ahhhhh…it’s wonderful and sad.


This is the first bend of my run now, if I so choose that direction.  Fe Dog hasn’t ever gone, and she would love the sights and smells. I love it best in Winter.  I tend to go when people are commuting home, and the city is lite up.  Can’t see it in the photo, but The Space Needle is just to the right.

I never have my camera with me when I run.  All the photos are taken by my extremely generous and talented friend Molly.


The lake, houseboats, the Aurora Bridge, the Fremont Bridge…

The canal in Autumn.


Then I either return via the same route, or sometimes go through our little shopping district and do the hill.


Hold your breath.



Can’t stop to purchase…


Up the hill…You didn’t think Trolls existed did you?  Tell the kids it knows where they live.


Down the hill…then I’m home.  Wish you could come Fe Dog!

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