This doesn’t happen much for me, but ALL this week, I couldn’t get my design idea down.

My HST blocks were sewn, but my very simple layout (something like this) wasn’t sitting right with me on the design wall.  I knew I wanted the colors, and the white downy flannel.  I went pin wheel, zig zag,  rearranged to on-point singles,  you know…the hst menagerie.  Concluding with deserving satisfaction on this.  I love flannel, I love matching points, I love the blockie color goodness.

Even if I was annoyed with my lack of inspiration this past week, my cup is now overflowing from the massive amount of left over blocks.  Acting on a small idea and seeing where it takes you can result in a few scraps.

Grandma Moses (Sew Mama Sew had this picture up, Love it.)

I’ve had thoughts of hand quilting this one, and am hoping to meet up with some awesome people to learn it with.  I’m happy to say The Seattle Modern Quilting Guild has received an incredibly enthusiastic response!

So a big call out to any crafty peeps out there wanting to be part of getting the Seattle Modern Quilting Guild off the ground.  You can now check us out/join HERE.  It will be giddy fun to talk sewing to others who want to do the same!  Sew Mama Sew’s forum also has a thread for getting a Sewing Circle together.  Go find yourself some stitchy friends.

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