We’ve celebrated some little boys birthdays this month.  I tend to make pillows, above is the new batch. Cousin Sam got the pillow case with the robots in the back.  I tried just a simple encasement on one side to keep the pillow in, so easy!  It’s serged and lined, perfect for little boy pillowfights.  I kinda squeaked when I saw that I had used the same robots in the one last year.

We had a little learning moment when one of the boys made fun of Roan bringing a pillow as a gift (#!>*##! boy!).  Roan was a bit sad until I pointed out that Cousin Sam still sleeps every night with his gift and has long forgotten what his other friend gifted him.

The decorative one goes to our little Space boy Friend Gavin.  Roan and Gavin play hours of Star Wars together.  I got out the scrap bins and pulled mostly boy bits in primary.  Little bit of purple thrown in.

Off to sew and it seems High Fidelity is on the tube.  Perfect Sunday!

P.S.  For those that might be interested The Quilting Loft and I added on another Value Quilt Class.  I believe there is one space left.

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