I’m Destashing and clearing out EVERYTHING.  I have three categories: Goodwill, Destash, or Class.  The rest is reorganized.  I’m being brutal.  If it hasn’t been touched in a year it goes.

Some fabrics I’ve just been hoarding.  I grab them up when I see them online and now I couldn’t possibly use it all.  Some fabrics have that power over me.  So I’m letting a little under a yard of this favorite go.  It’s Alexander Henry’s Whisper Wing or Whispering Wing.

I’ll save what I have for the perfect quilt back.  I last used some in this simple half square triangle quilt made for little Sofia.

I made my Mom a traditional quilt with some of this fabric in the brown color way that was based off a butterfly quilt she made for me years ago.  I’m visiting my friend with a mid-arm quilting machine next week to check out some quilting possibilities.  Mom will want something flowing.  Her birthday’s in May, so time is still on my side.

Happy Sunday!


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