A repost as promised for my Improv and Value Class students. Hope you all enjoy!

Little update to this post, the design wall with the grid is a Fons and Porter Design wall.

Surely none of you are like me and start another grand idea before the previous twenty are finished.  Design walls are as essential as fabric in my mind for designing a quilt.  Wall space is a limited commodity in this house and I needed a multiple design wall solution.  I finally got around to a simple fix.

Sew doubled up ribbon to the top of one design wall that has a laminate backing.  Place your project…work on it.  When you get bored with it, roll up that design wall and tie it with some pretty bows…

and easy-peazy move onto the project on the design wall beneath.  The laminate keeps everything from becoming muddled.

A laminate table cloth works great too and you can use Blair’s technique to make your own with gromments.  Jacquie has a tutorial for mounting gromets if that sounds intimidating.

How many of these do you think I can layer in the Livudio before my husband thinks I’ve totally lost it?

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