Once the family leaves this blog will move back to its regularly scheduled program of quilting, not food.

But we’ve been cooking, not quilting.  I have some pies for the fourth, but we always fall back on our lip-smacking, beer gulping starter.

Perfect for the 4th.

The photographed version is made with sweet peppers for those who don’t like it hot!

Introducing our version of Jalapeno Poppers.  I use to make these in Mexico on our travels to Guerrero.

1)  Cut your jalapenos (or sweet peppers) in half lengthwise and deseed them with a spoon.  Wear gloves or plan on not touching any sensitive body parts later.

2)  Stuff full with a salty feta.  My favorite is from Trader Joe’s and is packaged in a yellow/green bag.

3)  Grill on a hot grill till undersides are pretty toasted.

Some will be mild and some super hot.

I recently had the sweet peppers at my friend Noelle’s, stuffed with goat cheese and wrapped in proscuitto.  Trying those this round too.

Enjoy your 4th, I hope you are surrounded by friends and family!

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