Ever get inspired by a quilt and it sticks with you?

This quilt by Amy of Badskirt did just that.  So simple in design, but I love (and had) most of the fabrics.  Just needed enough substituted and added to call it my own.

And while you are bothering to cut fabrics, why not just make two quilts, eh?

I will not lie, it took me a load of fabric elimination to come up with the boy one.  The girl combo came much easier.  My pile of toss out squares grew and are now destine for a scrappy charm quilt all their own at a later date.

I think sometimes I am so anxious to move onto the next new idea in my head that I cast aside the simple love of a square.  My Modern Charm Class gave me the perfect excuse.

I needed these both as class samples soon and made a visit to my friend Sandie’s for a date with her and her long-arm.  We originally planned on placing them side-by-side so I could quilt both at once, but decided they each needed their own quilted personality.

 The girl one got what I call “happy clouds.”

The boy got a spiraling circle.

You can see the quilting a little better from the back.  I pieced in some leftover squares to bring the backs to the square size.

The bindings are divine.  I love to cut into something waiting patiently in my stash.

The only fabric I was in need of was a few squares of the pink vans, so I called in to one of my peeps.  Thanks Amber for the vans, but mostly it was really fun to finally meet you!  xo

Happy week!


::Whole Cloth Quilt Finishing Class:: $85 Thursdays, October 18th and the 25th from 6-9 at the West Seattle Fabric Company.

Quilt top, batting, and a backing…baste, quilt, and bind!  Learn the essential basics of finishing a quilt without piecing a thing!  Create a simple crisp modern baby quilt while learning the process.  Quilting designs with a walking foot will be a covered.  Walking foot required.

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