I’ve always LOVED my stocking.  Each stocking my Grandmother made her grandchildren was unique, with our names of course.  She was an talented knitter.


I love Santa’s nose, likely rosie from too much eggnog.  His fuzzy beard made of Angora and the sequins sewn into his tree as ornaments.  It is so heartwarming to know that he was preciously made with me in mind.

Roan has been so lucky to have a Great Grandmother craft a stocking especially for him as well.

G.G. passed away right after I took this photo a couple years back, so bringing it out every year now is special.  Straight from the beach he looks so young (and great salty hair) in this photo.

Needlepoint this time.  His name and a puff ball adorns the bear’s hat.


My handmade stocking always made me feel extra special and there were traditions you could count on, like a big navel orange and red delicious apple in the bottom.

This year I’m making a stocking for Jefe.  His stocking made by his grandmother that made Roan’s somehow got lost in the shuffle.  We have one knit and one needlepoint and I thought, why not patchwork?  I think he’ll get beer and some bright flashy new lights for his bike commute in the morning.


The class sample was good practice, but I am going to go bigger with his.  I’ll be able to see what others come up with tomorrow in class, it is always fun to see what fabrics inspired people and who they will be making their stocking for.

Roan always gets a star fruit, pomegranate and some chocolate coins.   I would love to come up with some other unique items that can become part of the stocking tradition.

So my question is this, “What sticks in your memory and heart as your family’s traditional Christmas morning stocking stuffers?”

Can’t wait to hear!









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