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Sigh, there’s nothing like it.  Sleeping in your own bed after time apart.

 Spain was dreamy.

After World Cup was over we really had no where we had to be.



Roan became efficient at finding anyone in a square to kick a ball around with regardless of a language barrier and it being posted as a deviant activity.  You know what they say about rules?


We’d sip a vodka tonic, make a half-ass plan and walk to see what we would find.


Most of the time it all came together.


Roan and his cousins from Northern Ireland kept each other company.


We also spent an amazing amount of time just sitting.


People watching is just fascinating.


So was our view.


And then we’d all usually walk to the square and sit some more.

Jet lagged did me in.  I’m just starting to feel that life is regaining some rhythm here at home.  I taught all last weekend, cleaned my house like mad this week and am just gaining some ground on new samples for classes coming up.

double trouble block/sewkatiedid

I stalled on what color to make my stitch and flip triangles.

We have a new couch, so if I don’t make a pillow in the next week Jefe’s going to start worrying that something’s wrong with me.  Curtains eventually might be a good call too.

Bainbridge Island Quilt Festival’s deadline to submit for the show is Friday the 15th, so I need to make a decision on finishing something new or entering something done.  I love non-juried shows.  Anyone else submitting?

My yard is out of control so I know what I’ll be procrastinating this weekend.

Have a great weekend;)

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