Luckily the amount of stairs at our house is limited to the three I managed to trip down. I’ve gotten my upper body workout on crutches. Wednesday night I was questionably burnt out and frustrated, and by Thursday convincingly so.

I needed to do something besides throwing things to where I needed them.

I found help in the functionality of some IKEA products in my studio.


The little blue cart is like a little black dress, everyone needs one, or four.  I can still collect all the crap everyone leaves around the house and push it ahead of me.

0287229_PE423571_S3Snille Swivel Chair 

I bought these for the studio and providing you don’t have a maxi dress on they are extremely convenient at limiting the amount of time on your feet while still allowing you to travel.


But these things don’t travel and we headed to Vancouver for the weekend to eat and take in a Whitecaps game, so I was saved by the boot, glow in the dark stickers and all;)

Good things can happen when you have a bum ankle including, but not limited to, not carrying luggage, being dropped off at the curb while others look for parking and packing twice the amount of shoes since you only need one;)

Studio pictures next week, I promise;)

Happy Tuesday.