A HUGE thanks to all friends, family, blog followers, students, fabric whores collectors and excited quilters that popped into the Quilting Loft for the book signing.  It made my day and I was one happy camper.  It wasn’t till I sat down for dinner that I realized I hadn’t eaten anything all day.

I’ll get some photos collected from my friends for a future post of the fun day.

Now onto the final push to finish last-minute things before my Island Quilter exhibit reception on Friday!  I finished off the quilting on Psychedelic Baby this afternoon before I went to work.  I really wanted this quilt in the exhibit.

As always, I quilt faster in my head than in real life, so I had to set aside a few ambitious quilts and suppress those ‘I want to start a new quilt’ feelings.

Psychedelic Baby only needs a binding.

I’m thinking the red.

Whatcha think?

I feel a new class coming on.

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