Linking up to the Modern Quilt Guild Linky Party to reveal 5 unknown things about me.


1)  Sports-  I like sports, especially soccer and football. I never thought these would be words uttered from my mouth, but I married into a family that has been in the business of professional sports, and I’ve caught their enthusiasm over the years. I’ve learned to accept that my husband never sits down if the game is tight.

2) I hate being cold and I hate wearing jeans-  I have a “home uniform” as Jefe’ calls it. Drawstring sweats, 3/4 zip fleece and fuzzy crocs. This is what I roll outta bed into and it sticks until I need to face the “real” world. Being cold will be my excuse for overpacking while traveling to Austin. The temperature in Austin, plus convention-center air conditioning, is sure to send me back to my layering days of life in Flagstaff. I’ve also never met a pair of boots I didn’t like.

3)  I met my husband through his roommate… who I happened to be dating at the time. It wasn’t sleazy or anything… but when the roommate and I went our separate ways, and I returned from a winter abroad, I did have thoughts of “his roommate sure was cute.” I followed through.

4) I drink tons of black tea and love Sierra Nevada Pale Ale- “You can’t by happiness, but you can buy tea and pale ale, and that’s kinda the same thing.”  I have no clue what I will drink in Austin, as Americans couldn’t make a cuppa cha to save their lives, and chances are slim there will be Sierra Nevada everywhere.  P.S.  I also like Sprees, but prefer the original over chewy.

5)  I’m fascinated by zombies…

See you at Quiltcon!


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