So, what’s your favorite solid?  I’m talking beyond Kona here.  I’ve noticed all the new Freespirit solids and wondering if the price is justifiable?

I often get inquiries when I post a project with Robert Kaufman’s Carolina Chambray.  It’s my favorite solid.  We created quite a few quilts in the book with it.

Though I do love the softness of the cross weaves and the texture of the shot cottons, I find chambray a good weight and easy to work with when quilting.

When you place it in different directions you notice the weave.  This adds another dimension to the design of a quilt.

The natural is probably the one I get asked about the most, likely because I use it the most.  I’ve made several boy print hst quilts out of it and endless amounts of pillows.

All the colors are vivid and rich, but I love the orange.

I added a little to my Destash of the chambrays if you’re in the mood for something new.  You guys are quick, I even relisted.  I added some cross-weave at a good deal.

But I’d like your thoughts.


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