Were you a tad bit worried that something was wrong?  I never go long with out posting a pillow.  I’m sure my husband was secretly thinking that there weren’t any new pillows being added to the pile that migrates nightly from the bed to the extra space we don’t have in the bedroom.  He’ll be thrilled that this one will go as a sample for a string class.  I’ll let you all know when that comes about.

I’ve got some strip piecing technique going on here with string block construction.  All wonkified, or fractured as I like to call it.

And can someone explain to me why purple is so dang hard to photograph?  It really is more dynamic in person.  The purple is the Carolina Chambray that I LOVE.

The string piecing is on a foundation of muslin and lined again for structure and washability.  Invisible zip for closure, see no zippy!

Improv class last night was so fun!  After some free piecing we experimented with some strip piecing.  It’s always so fun to see what students are drawn to when it comes to color and how the ideas start popping out when you just get to piecing.  Truly inspiring.

Thanks everyone for your response to questions of thread and hand quilting!  If you want to scroll the comments they are here.  TGIF!

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