Create-Sew-Overthink-Run Out of Time-Put Away-Recreate

It’s something I’ve known for awhile, I sew faster in my head than in real life.  Thing is, I’ve learned to accept it and put projects aside that aren’t actual ‘work’ so workshops can be developed, evolve and samples made.  The good news is a better idea of what to do with the stashed project usually emerges in that stashed time and it can cycle into a class sample.

sewkatiedid/split personality nine-patch

Unfortunately, this time/sew thing also means that I often have to put it away more then once.

sewkatiedid/Split Personality Modern Nine-Patch

  The blocks above that I call Split Personality Nine-Patch are a perfect example of this cycle.  They were made years ago, but it wasn’t until my student and lovely friend Laurel showed up at my open sewing studio with her Arkansas Crossroads quilt that the inspiration struck.

Time has run out though.  I think I’ll likely pack it up unpieced for next holiday’s projects.  I have a feeling you might see this in solids soon;)


Of course there are scraps involved in the creative process so my secondary design wall was taken over by some visions of snowflakes or something.  This is as far as playing got me, but when I was clearing it from the wall inspiration struck that will hopefully be remembered a year from now.

almond kiss cookies

On the home front we have the family here from Northern Ireland since travel is hard for my other brother in law with ALS.  Monday night we celebrated Grandpa John’s life with us and spread his ashes in Elliot Bay.  Most of all we are enjoying our first Christmas in our home and thankful for our time together;)

 Of course I baked Almond Kiss Cookies, one of my favorite Christmas traditions.  Santa highly recommends them especially with a Guinness.

I’m looking forward to the upcoming year with lots of teaching planned. A big thanks to all of you who have supported me and helped grow my business in the past three years. We all have good creative things coming to us.

Enjoy your family and friends peeps.  I’ll see you in the new year.

xo katie

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