I bribed Roan with candy to come out in the cold and hold my pillow.  I wanted to show the scale of it.  The insert is a body pillow from Martha Stewart’s line at Macy’s.  The filling is somewhat lame I discovered the first time, so I took the sizing down.  It was the last of what I considered my UFO projects (I’m ignoring all the quilts).

It’s mostly linen with wee bits of Amy Butler, Anna Maria Horner and Alexander Henry.  I used the triple stitch along the top and bottom of the panel.

Did I mention I hate working with linen?  When it comes to serging it always travels, even when pinned to all Hell.

Some of my favorite fabrics, colors and it could not have turned out any better.  I am very pleased.

Been saving this Amy Butler Tulip forever for the perfect project.  Works great for the back.  When I get bored with it all I think I’ll cut it up and make a baby quilt.

The reality is I rarely read more than a page because I always stay up too late sewing, but it will sure look wonderful on our bed!

I wanted to give a BIG “Thanks” for all the kind comments regarding my Tumbling Blocks Pillow!  I’ve had had its inspiration on my board and the Hope Valley fabric spoke to me.

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