My friend Laurel and I made it over to Island Quilter to retrieve my quilts from the exhibit.  I enjoyed viewing them one last time displayed together, but am so happy to have them back home where they belong.

I also snapped some photos.  In the rush to finish things up in time for exhibit I neglected getting a photo of Psychedelic Baby Quilt all bound.

I’ve got shot cotton, linen and Kona in this one, all leftover scraps.  The list of the materials can be found over at my Pantone Pop post.

The block is a mix of two quilts in the book.


and Swirling Medallion.

I really like the effect.  Not having a plan, just enjoying the process of sewing can lead to good things.

My leftover half square triangles with the linen that DIDN”T make it into Pantone Pop became the impetus for this quilt.  It wasn’t till the end that I thought I could turn it to be square rather than diamond.  I think it makes it look a bit more modern.

Washed it is a crinkly delight.

It kinda matches the flowers in my back yard right now.  Too bad the lilac flowers are gone.

and psssttt….a little bird told me about a sale:


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